Two Brands

L.I.F.E. is a company with two gender-specific brands. The brands were chosen to respect the differences in body morphologies, in order to achieve medical accuracy. “XX” represent the female chromosomes while “XY” represent the male chromosomes. The binary numbers 1 and 0 represent our technology’s purpose of digitalizing analog life.

Scientific research drives everything we do. From creation to design to prototyping, we strive to be grounded in real, actionable data with zero spin. We believe science, not marketing, is of greater service to our community.

Our Nature

Our mission is to listen, and to be in close communication with our bodies so that we can modify our habits, improve our wellbeing, and inspire optimal health.

We find truth in Nature. By listening to our physiological data, we can uncover our Nature’s secrets. Through our research we have developed tools to do just this. Tools that can help you express your truth™.

Third Platform of Communication

Our compression suits are second skins embedded with sensors,  microchips, connectors… We call it wearware. They generate precise physiological data in real time, in motion, anywhere.

The first and second platforms of communication, computers and smartphones, generate complex behavioral data. Our second skins are wearable devices communicating physiological data. It is more than just a T-shirt. It is a connecting device. 

Data Ownership and Beyond

We are building your physiological data platform.

It is secured.
You own your data.
You can generate value with it.
You can transform it into knowledge.

Get in Touch

We’re hiring! If you are interested in working with L.I.F.E., or would like to know more about our technology, please feel free to contact us or submit your application through the following link.

L.I.F.E. Italia Srl

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