Connected Athletes

5G Connected Wearables for Sports.

We are pleased to be reuniting with Vodafone and the Politecnico di Milano to
once again, monitor athletes on the run.
On May 19th, athletes will be testing our PERFORMER RUNNER prototype during the 10K race and thanks to Vodafone’s 5G network, our sensor-embedded suits will give them, and their coach, a closer look at their performance in real time.

A project by

L.I.F.E. , Vodafone and
Politecnico di Milano


With our sensor-embedded garments and performance-enhancing algorithms, the testers can monitor their heart, breath, movement and balance during different activities. 

The device’s logger module, located between the shoulder blades, is connected to Vodafone’s 5G infrastructure. This guarantees that the physiological data being generated during the event, is transmitted securely and in real-time to a personal dashboard. Moreover, with a few voice-activated commands, the athletes can receive instant audio feedback from their virtual coach. 

We designed these technologies to be in close communication with our bodies, with the freedom of monitoring our health in motion and hands-free.