About L.I.F.E.

The company behind X10X and X10Y

Research as a starting point

Founded in 2012 L.I.F.E. is a research, design & high-value data generating company with branches in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. Its design and production facilities are located in Milan, supported by Northern Italy’s vast creative craftsmanship.

We help customers generate their most accurate and variegated physiological data. The most Valuable data. They – the customers – will own it and have the right to monetize it. Helping our customers own and monetize their data is our mission.

Know thyself

Help our customers conquer the knowledge of themselves by generating the most accurate physiological and behavioral data during the freedom of their daily lives. We strive to follow Nature’s design.

Medicaly Certified, full-stack company

To generate the most precise data, L.I.F.E. has chosen to become a medically certified company. Built as a full-stack-company we can monitor remotely patients or athletes during their daily activities by controlling Telehealth system’s entire value chain.

Overcoming intrusive tests

The quality of generated data can also depend on the technology utilized. For example, some sleep disorder tests use nasal cannula that prevent user from sleeping. L.I.F.E. has developed technologies that optimize comfort.
For example, we use special technical solutions to ensure that sensors touch the skin without compressing the person being measured.

The Quest for Freedom

White coat hypertension occurs when the blood pressure readings at your doctor’s office are higher than they are in the calm of your home. L.I.F.E. end-to-end Telemonitoring system allow our customers to be monitored in their homes, preventing stressing and time consuming trips to medical centers and reducing risks of contagion.

The Art of Movement

Doctors & nurses ask patients to be immobile to avoid losing the signal. The highest the quality of the signal, the highest the quality of the diagnose. Life is movement. L.I.F.E. has spent long years to overcome movement artifacts and constantly tests its devices with athletes while training or with its engineers running on treadmills. Being able to monitor customers in daily life and in action increases the chances to detect pathologies at their inception.

X10X.com & X10Y.com

L.I.F.E. has chosen to have 2 brands rather than just one in respect of women and men distinct morphologies. This choice is helping us generate more precise physiological and behavioral data as well increasing comfort.

Share with your community

Knowing yourself, understanding your data, improving your habits and having control over your life will help you lead a fuller, happier life. Share you experiences and knowledge so that the science we are developing can be enriched and shared.
We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

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