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Our technology, combined with the design of our 'second skin', is adaptable to different and specific research contexts and study areas.


Our devices generate a large variety of raw physiological data, allowing you to then extract your own insights, trends and analyses.


You’re able to consult raw data and metrics directly from our front-end website, our desktop application and our mobile apps.

Wearware Area Network

Our garments are modeled to offer the perfect fit within your use case.

The sensor network can be arranged to meet your specific project requirements, allowing you the freedom to choose among the following options:
. Our standard sensor network included in the Healer, medically-certified solution. This includes ECG dry electrodes, respiration sensors, 9-axis IMUs, SpO2 sensor, temperature sensor, GPS;
. A list of additional sensors that have also been integrated with our devices such as EEG, EOG, EMG, GSR, PPG, NIRS;
. Your own sensors to integrate with our system!

Physiological Data Export

Our technology generates the most comprehensive multi-parametric datasets, allowing you to perform several kinds of scientific studies, clinical research and experimental projects.

Real-time and batch data pipelines can be used for your use case. By applying dedicated algorithms, you can derive specific metrics like:

. Device control – garment status, filters settings, sensors failure, etc.
. Specific signal processing – standard filters implementation, etc.
. Specific signal and use case related metrics – diagnostic, health, performance, etc.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Raw data and computed metrics can be visualized – in realtime and batch scenarios – in our certified applications or our dedicated experimental environment. This can be displayed with standard filters and at different timescales according to the researchers’ necessities.

Clinical cardio-respiratory data analyses are also available – like ectopic beats and apnea detection.

Prototypes Developed with our Partners

We’ve developed the following prototypes in collaboration with our partners: balaclava, smart glasses, leggings, training and diving suits, baby bodysuits, head and wrist bands, animal harnesses, to name a few. The fields of application for our X10X and X10Y devices are countless thanks to the flexibility of our system. Learn more about each prototype by clicking into these images!

Training Suit
GRS Thimble
Baby Bodysuit
Animal Harnesses

Reach out to our Team for a Collaboration!

We can design end-to-end configurations that best suit your research projects.

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Available Sensors

. Up to 12 standard leads: L1, L2, L3, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6
. Carbon dry electrodes
. 500 Hz

. Up to 6 standard leads: O1, O2, C3, C4, F3, F4
. Carbon dry electrodes
. 500 Hz

. Up to 2 standard leads: Edx, Esx
. Carbon dry electrodes
. 500 Hz

. 10+ leads
. Carbon dry electrodes
. 500 Hz

. Up to 3 channels: Thorax, Xiphoid, Abdomen
. Circumferential strain gauges
. 50 Hz

. 10+ 9-axis IMUs: 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Magnetometer
. 100 Hz

. Finger and/or Chest optical sensors
. Finger – Transmittance optical sensor
. Chest – Reflectance optical sensor
. 1 Hz

. Skin and ambient sensors
. Contact sensors
. 1 Hz

. Based on the GNSS system
. GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou/Compass, Galileo and QZSS (<2 mt accuracy)
. 1 Hz

. 1 channel
. 8 Hz

. Up to 3 wavelengths: infrared, red, green
. 250 Hz

. Up to 3 wavelengths: from red to infrared
. 1 Hz


Available Functionalities

Real-time data streaming and processing
Batch data upload and processing
Raw data export in standard formats (h5 or EDF)
Metrics export in standard formats (JSON or Parquet)
Raw data and metrics visualization and analysis in proprietary softwares (web app and desktop software)

Available Metrics

Wearing status
Physiological range values
Signal filter metrics
ECG and HRV, Respiration, SpO2, Temperature, Position and Movement
Cardiac events detection (ectopic beats detection and morphological classification, arrhythmias detection and classification)
Sleep analysis (desaturation detection, apnea detection and classification)
Performance analysis (during cycling and running activities)

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