Women Performance Program


Real-time monitoring in a corporate wellness event promoted by Med-Ex

On 13 and 14 April 2022 in Maranello, thirtyfive senior and junior female managers of a multinational company attended a corporate wellness event part of the Women Performance Program promoted by Med-Ex.

Among different check-up activities, they had the opportunity to wear the Healer R2 device for monitoring their physiological parameters both in real-life scenarios and during the night, looking at their data in the dedicated app.

Their physiological parameters have been monitored in real-time also by the medical director Dr. Fred Fernando, thanks to a multi-patient dashboard in the dedicated Healer Cloud platform. In the same platform, at the end of the clinical monitoring sessions, for each subject a detailed report was available.

Thanks to Healer, a multi-parametric wearable platform, the doctor had the opportunity to acquire several medical grade physiological signals without interfering in the everyday life contexts of the patients.

The Healer R2 device, in fact, is able to record the following physiological parameters: 6-lead electrocardiographic signal (ECG), 3-channel respiratory signal, blood saturation estimation (SpO2), body temperature estimation, movement and position analysis.

14 April 2022
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